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Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber have significantly improved our transportation options by giving us an easy, reliable way to get a private or group ride with a simple touch of a smartphone app. For as many conveniences as these services offer, they also come with complications. If you or a loved one has been injured in a rideshare accident, a rideshare accident lawyer may be able to help your family recover.

Accidents involving rideshare drivers and vehicles can be hard to resolve. Due to the complex insurance policies of companies like Lyft and Uber, a victim of a rideshare accident may find themselves struggling with complicated paperwork or facing multiple low settlement offers that won’t be enough to cover hospital bills and loss of wage costs.

These types of accidents often involve three insurance agencies—the ridesharing corporation’s insurer, the rideshare driver’s private insurer, and the insurance companies of any other drivers involved. The insurers may work together to try and diminish your injuries or claim that no one was at fault. If you were a driver involved in a crash with a rideshare vehicle, either corporation may claim they’re not liable at all.

In any of the above situations, it can be difficult to recover the compensation you need to move forward unless you have the right type of legal assistance. At Rideshare Law Group, our experienced team of rideshare accident attorneys from across the United States can stand up to these companies and make sure your side of the story is heard.

Under U.S. laws, all Americans have the right to fair compensation after suffering from injuries caused by another party’s negligence. Our group of rideshare accident attorneys can ensure your rights aren’t neglected—no matter what state the accident happened in. Together, we can hold those guilty accountable.

Steps to Take After a Rideshare Accident

Confused about what to do after a crash involving a rideshare vehicle?

1. Prioritize everyone’s health and safety

Car accidents can cause a wide range of extremely serious injuries. Even if the victims aren’t complaining about pain and/or displaying obvious injury symptoms, call 911 and make sure an emergency response team in on their way. You never want to delay medical treatment since symptoms may appear in a delayed manner.

2. Collect the necessary information

When it’s safe to do so, collect insurance information and license plate numbers from every driver involved—especially the rideshare driver. It may be a good idea to take pictures of the vehicles, the road, and of any debris, etc., that may have contributed to the crash. You can also screenshot your Uber/Lyft driver’s information on your smartphone’s rideshare app. This information may help you later. 

3. Don’t let anyone speak for you

When speaking to the police, tell them what you saw and experienced. Don’t let anyone else speak on your behalf—including the driver. When speaking to the driver, don’t say more than you absolutely must. If you were in another vehicle, don’t admit to any type of fault. In the heat of a stressful situation, you can share something that may not be true.

4. Talk to witnesses

Check to see if there are any witnesses on the scene who may have seen what happened. Ask if they’re willing to give you their contact information. If your case ends up going to court, witness testimony can make all the difference to a successful claim.

5. Inform your insurance agent—but be careful

When it’s time to let your insurer know about the accident, you should tell them what happened and that the accident is still under investigation. If adjusters from the driver’s insurer or the rideshare company’s insurance group come to you asking for a statement or to settle early, do not agree to either. You have a legal right to fully investigate an accident to get the best settlement possible. Take this time to make sure you’re in good hands.

6. Contact a rideshare accident lawyer

Ridesharing accident claims can be complicated to settle and it’s a simple fact that your rideshare service’s insurance company doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Take it upon yourself to hire a proven rideshare accident lawyer who understands the ins and outs of these complicated cases and how you can maximize your claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're often asked these questions from victims injured in a Rideshare Accident.
Q.) What happens if my Lyft/Uber driver was responsible for the accident?

A.) Uber and Lyft drivers have personal insurance coverage and company coverage. As a passenger, it’s important to know that you’re not at fault in this situation. The driver’s insurance through the company should cover the damages, but your claim may get complicated depending on the nature of the accident and how fault is determined.[...]

Q.) What happens if another driver was responsible for the accident?

A.) Uber and Lyft have insurance coverage for injuries and damages while you’re a passenger. In this case, the other party is at fault. Their insurance should pay for injuries and damages. However,  if they’re uninsured or underinsured, Uber and Lyft have policies for that. Your claim has the potential to get complicated in this situation[...]

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