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Alleged Poor Screening Allowed Hiring of Violent Lyft Driver

Published on Jun 22, 2020 at 8:01 am in News.

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In 2018, a Lyft passenger in Chicago was assaulted by his driver after the two started arguing. Months later, that same driver alleged kicked a taxi driver to death. Now, it seems the alleged murderer has fled to China.

Scott Gore, a 56-year-old attorney, ordered a Lyft on July 1, 2018 to get to Wrigley Field. Because of traffic, Gore requested his driver, Fangqi Lu, take a different route. This request sparked an argument and Lu challenged Gore to a fight. Lu punched Gore in the face, which knocked him to the ground. Lu then drove away.

Gore, who has filed a lawsuit against Lyft, is accusing the company of failing to properly screen and train its drivers. At the time of the attack, Lu was driving on an expired license. After being hit, Gore filed a complaint with Lyft and the Chicago Police Department. In response, Lyft deactivated Lu from its online platform two weeks after the assault occurred.

The deactivation, however, did not stop Lu from driving for Lyft. On August 1, he used a driver’s license of a friend, Bing Liu, to reapply to Lyft. Even though Lu used a different driver’s license, he used the same Social Security number, cell phone number, email address, license plate number, and Vehicle Identification Number associated with his previously deactivated account.

According to the lawsuit, Lyft missed a number of red flags that would have uncovered the fraud. In addition to that, Lyft failed to notify the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection of the violent encounter. As a result, the company was hit with a $10,000 fine.

On September 2, Lu was involved in another traffic dispute. During this encounter, however, Lu was driving for Uber. He roundhouse-kicked a taxi driver in the head. The taxi driver, Anis Tungekar, died from his injuries. The violent incident was captured on security cameras.

While Lu is named in the lawsuit, it’s unlikely he will appear at legal proceedings. He has since fled to China. Since the United States and China have no extradition treaty, Chicago police believe there is little hope of bringing him back to face trial.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, Gore’s attorney, Mike Gallagher, had this to say: “Accountability is the key to change. Lyft’s repeated failures at multiple levels resulted in the beating of one client, and the death of another. […] I will continue fighting to hold Lyft accountable by providing injured victims their day in court, and call on city officials to join the effort to bring needed change through long overdue accountability measures.” Lyft did not respond to the Time’s request for comment.

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