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Blue Duck E-Scooters Arrive in Spartanburg, S.C.

Published on Jan 27, 2021 at 8:11 am in Electric Scooters.

Line of scooters

City leaders in Spartanburg, South Carolina have approved bringing electric rental scooters to the downtown area. This initiative has been months in the making, with city leaders initially raising concerns regarding safety and misuse.

The majority of city officials believe the pilot will work, and an evaluation will be done around the six-month mark to see who is using the devices, where they’re being used, and if there have been any issues with them.

The company bringing the e-scooters to Spartanburg is Texas-based Blue Duck. According to Senior Director of Partnerships with Blue Duck, Megan McNamara, “I think it’s very pedestrian-friendly, there seems to be a lot of collaboration, from the painted crosswalks to the Downtown Merchants Association and you have the colleges as well. We have a safety tutorial in our app that you’re required to swipe through before you get on a scooter for the first time.”

Downtown businesses are optimistic about the impact electric scooters could have on shoppers and sales. While the city hasn’t set an exact timeline for rolling out the vehicles, they’re hoping to have them in the city as soon as possible.

Blue Duck is bringing e-scooters to communities, campuses, and corporations. To promote safety, as mentioned above, the rideshare company requires first-time riders follow a riding tutorial. Riders are instructed to wear a helmet and to keep both feet flat on the platform with their dominant foot in the front. Information on safely accelerating and braking is also available.

All Blue Duck riders are required to follow the company rules of the road, which include:

  • Only having one rider per electric scooter
  • Keeping feet off of the rear fender
  • Only using the bike lane when riding
  • Using two hands to operate the device
  • Stopping and walking the device through crowded areas
  • Not texting while riding

As with most other electric scooter rental programs, riders need to download the company’s app and create an account. To ride, it costs $1 to unlock the vehicle and 25 cents per minute. Blue Ducks are dockless, so riders to instructed to leave them out of the way of pedestrians and which ADA access in mind.

While it’s likely most riders will follow the safety rules and guidelines, that doesn’t mean something could not go wrong. There’s a chance for injury in the event of an accident. Rideshare accident victims may not know what to do after a crash, which is where the Rideshare Law Group comes in. Contact us for more information.