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Rideshare Accident?

Can You Still Drive for Uber After an Accident?

Published on Nov 16, 2021 at 3:39 pm in Uber Accidents.

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Rideshare companies like Uber offer freedom to both those who work for the company and those who use its services. As a driver, you’re going to need to know the parameters of keeping your position. As a rider, you may want to know if it’s possible that the person driving your rideshare is a potentially dangerous driver. Let’s take a look at who is behind the wheel in a rideshare and if their driving record could affect their future as a rideshare driver.

Common Rideshare Driver Statistics

While rideshare driving statistics do cover a wide variety of demographics, information from Gridwise shows there are certain groups that have a majority over others. When it comes to age, most rideshare drivers are between the ages of 50-59, at about 28.44% of all rideshare drivers. This age group is closely followed by the rest:

  • Ages 60 and Above: 23.41%
  • Ages 40-49: 22.07%
  • Ages 30-39: 20%

The demographic for ages 18-29 is much lower, at 6%. Aside from age, there’s also a distinction when it comes to gender. Most of rideshare drivers are male, at 77%, while female drivers account for 21%. The other percentages refer to those who don’t identify with those genders or prefer not to say.

Because of where most of the drivers are at in their lives, there are many rideshare drivers who are married and who are parents. They also have likely obtained a high school diploma and a Bachelor’s degree.

It’s likely that any given Uber driver will be above the age of 30, have a family, and have an education of some sort. Many who are at this point in their lives have also likely been driving for a while and have years of driving experience.

However, drivers can make mistakes, or may be in situations they can’t control that result in accidents. If a rideshare accident does occur, you may wonder what the protocol is regarding fault and insurance.

What Happens After an Uber Accident?

Multiple parties can be involved after an Uber accident, which also means that a few insurance companies may be involved, too. As an Uber driver, the stage of the ride you are at determines the insurance that applies.

For example, if you were transporting a rider when the accident occurred, Uber’s insurance, if you have it, will apply. When your app is on but you’re waiting to accept a ride, Uber’s insurance will cover third-party liability above your own personal insurance. If the accident occurs when you’re not driving for Uber or the app is off, then your personal car insurance is applied.

But that’s only for the drivers. What if you’re the passenger, or a negligent third party hit your rideshare vehicle? When a negligent third party is involved, you’ll want to get their insurance information, too. When the complexities of these cases increase, experienced representation can help you. If you’ve been hurt and are looking to get fair compensation for your injuries, you’ll want an Uber accident lawyer on your side.

Are Uber Drivers Fired After a Crash?

When it comes down to whether or not an Uber driver will be fired after a crash, the circumstances of each case will determine the outcome. If the Uber driver was exhibiting negligence and their actions are what caused the accident, it’s likely their contract will be terminated. Negligent driving behaviors include:

  • Speeding
  • Running Red Lights
  • Rolling Stops at Intersections
  • Texting and Driving

The accident doesn’t necessarily have to be major to result in an Uber driver losing their position. If they were reversing into traffic when they didn’t have the right of way and didn’t look, they could have caused an accident that’s considered minor. However, because they weren’t careful and put others at risk, Uber could use this as a reason to end the driver’s contract.

As a rideshare user, knowing there’s a background check and a reporting system within Uber, it’s likely that you will be able to get safely to your destination. However, this cannot be guaranteed. It can also take time for Uber to review accidents. So, a driver who has caused accidents in the past but the cases weren’t fully reviewed yet still could be behind the wheel. Some may switch their rideshare app so they’re driving for another company, not the one they were driving for at the time of the crash.

With all these in mind, it’s important to have a plan both as an Uber driver and as a rideshare user. Accidents can happen, even when the rideshare driver isn’t at fault. Or, if the third party was mostly at fault, but the rideshare driver was doing something that made the accident worse, then they may no longer be able to drive for the company. While many in the gig economy use their position as their main form of income, it may be a good idea to have other options just in case something occurs.

As a rideshare user, it’s also important to know about your travel options, as well as examining driver reviews. Even if your ride didn’t result in a crash, you could observe dangerous behaviors that could have easily caused one. Did your driver completely ignore a red light? Were they more focused on the radio or eating than keeping both hands on the wheel? In cases like these, you may consider filing a report, which could prevent accidents in the future.

Rideshare Law Group Is Here to Help

With an established presence in nearly every major city and in many small towns, rideshares are used by so many people each day. If an accident occurs, you deserve to know your legal options and to have someone who will fight for your rights. That’s what the Rideshare Law Group is here to do.

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