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Drivers and Delivery Workers to Receive Face Masks from Uber

Published on Apr 10, 2020 at 7:06 am in News.

City streets

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Many businesses have been closed, while others are trying to find out effective ways to keep going during this time. Uber is going to give face masks to drivers and delivery workers.

Beginning with the cities that have a high number of cases, Uber recently shipped masks to New York City drivers. As they receive more masks, they will also distribute them to other cities. Uber is taking care to not take masks away from health care providers, so they’re sourcing their masks from other suppliers than what the hospitals would typically use. If drivers are looking to get a mask and sanitizer from Uber, they can make the request in the app. Uber will send the supplies to the driver through mail, free of charge.

Another aspect Uber is dealing with is providing financial assistance to drivers who have contracted COVID-19, have suspended accounts, or are unable to use the app because public officials have placed a quarantine on their area. Rideshare use has dropped drastically in the pandemic. Seattle is down between 60%-70%, and other declines are expected in major cities. In response to this, Uber also has a new feature to help those drivers find other work.

While there are some other options out there, like New York city offering work to Uber and Lyft drivers who cannot do their jobs, and reimbursing driving expenses, this may not be enough to keep those workers financially afloat. Many are turning to unemployment insurance to financially sustain themselves.

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