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E-Scooter Rider Killed in Truck Accident in NYC

Published on Nov 16, 2020 at 7:57 am in Rideshare Accidents.

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An e-scooter delivery worker suffered fatal injuries after being struck by a beer distribution truck in Queens on November 12.

Alfredo Cabrera Liconia, 35, was riding an electric scooter while finishing up his shift making deliveries. Liconia made a right turn from Astoria Boulevard onto Crescent Street when he struck the tractor-trailer’s passenger side.

According to witnesses on the vigilante app Citizen, Liconia was trapped under the 18-wheeler. A video from the scene shows the truck’s front wheels in the bike lane, but it’s unclear if Liconia was in the protected lane at the time of the accident.

Police did not issue the truck driver a summons or make any arrests. While a Department of Transportation sign posted on the corner of Astoria Boulevard and Crescent Street forbids truckers from making a right turn onto Crescent Street unless for local delivery, the trucker claimed to have been doing just that. However, it’s unclear if that’s the case because the block is mostly residential and home to a church.

E-scooter safety advocates believe the accident could have avoided if the protected bike lanes were actually protected. For weeks, cyclists have been reporting issues about the two-way bike lane’s lack of physical barriers to keep riders safe from speeding drivers. To discourage drivers from riding in the bike lane, the Department of Transportation installed bendable plastic bollards. Still, the flex posts do not actually prevent cars and trucks from entering the space.

According to Macartney Morris, “We’ve tweeted @NYC_DOT for weeks that the protection & separation on the 2 way Crescent St bike lane is not enough & that someone will die. And now someone is dead. All because Commissioner Polly Trottenberg designs bike lanes for cars & trucks to drive in. Blood is on her hands.”

Since its recent installation, the bike lane has had its share of problems. Drivers have used it as a parking lane, motorists were directed to drive in the lane at one point, and a driver spat on a bicyclist as he tried to get around slower traffic near the Queensboro bridge.

While the Department of Transportation did not respond to a request for comment, Bud Light spokesperson says the company is cooperating with authorities.

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