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E-Scooters Remain Illegal in Pennsylvania

Published on Sep 24, 2020 at 7:32 am in Electric Scooters.

E-scooters have risen in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic—particularly because of the default social distancing that happens when using one. The law legalizing them in Pennsylvania, however, has been at a standstill in Harrisburg for the past two years. While it’s not uncommon to see electric scooters in cities like Philadelphia, the vehicles are still not road legal.

According to Pennsylvania law, a vehicle can’t ride on the street unless it’s been registered and certified by the Department of Transportation. There is currently no class for e-scooters, so they cannot be registered properly which is what makes them illegal.

According to a Lime survey, people in American cities are more likely to try riding an e-scooter now than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who endorse this mode of transportation cite benefits like reducing congestion and damage to roadways, as well as reducing the negative environmental impact that traditional vehicles have on the planet.

Those opposing e-scooters in Pennsylvania include SEPTA and the Kenney administration. According to James Fox, SEPTA assistant GM for system safety, SEPTA is concerned about the potential impact e-scooters could have on its service. People using e-scooters could create obstacles and cause delays for the city busses in a similar way Uber and Lyft drop-offs and pickups did. The Kenney administration’s concerns revolve around traffic safety.

According to Kelly Confransisco, a spokesperson for Philly’s Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability, “It’s worth noting that this has been an extremely deadly year for overall traffic deaths and we have remaining concerns that scooters are more likely to lead to crashes than other transportation modes.”

Based on the number of issues lawmakers are currently facing, it’s unlikely that any e-scooter litigation will be tended to anytime soon.

While there are benefits to riding e-scooters, it only takes mere seconds for someone’s negligent actions to cause an accident. If you’ve been injured while riding an electric scooter or if you were hurt by an e-scooter rider, you may be able to pursue a rideshare accident claims.

When a company is involved in a crash, the matter is significantly more complicated to handle. Not only are you dealing with the negligent driver’s insurance company, but you may be dealing with the rideshare company’s insurance company as well. Because of that, it’s best to seek legal representation from an experienced law firm.

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