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Fatal Rideshare Accident in Omaha Ends in Arrest

Published on Feb 11, 2021 at 9:53 am in News.

In January 2021, a rideshare driver and passenger were killed in an accident in Omaha. Now, the driver that allegedly caused the accident has been booked on charges.

On January 11, a rideshare passenger, Laron Imani, 60, was thrown from a vehicle in a multi-car crash. The passenger sustained fatal injuries, according to Omaha police. At the time of the accident, multiple people were taken to the hospital, including the rideshare driver and the driver of a minivan, Chaz Booker, 43, who caused the accident. The rideshare driver, Terrell Lindsey, 49, later died at the hospital from his injuries.

Omaha police shutdown 24th and Lake to investigate the incident. During the course of the investigation, it was determined that Booker ran a red light and hit the rideshare car, which pushed two cars into two other cars waiting at the red light. At the conclusion of the investigation, Booker was in the hospital in serious condition but was expected to get better.

Since his release from the hospital, Booker has been booked on suspicion of two counts of felony motor vehicle homicide. He was taken to jail upon his release and is awaiting trial.

The rideshare driver drove for a company called zTrip, which is available in approximately 14 U.S. states. The company touts no surge pricing, 24/7 support, and scheduled bookings. To book a ride, passengers have to download the app, enter their destination, choose the vehicle that meets their needs, and enter their desired pickup time.

While zTrip did not respond to Fox42 regarding the accident, the company website states, “Duty of Care remains the primary concerns of WHC Worldwide, LLC and zTrip when proving our transportation services. We have built our reputation by putting the safety and welfare of both our passengers and driver partners at the forefront of everything we do. As a national company transporting more than one million passengers each year, … we have a responsibility to act.”

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