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Hawaii-based Rideshare Company Debuts on Five Islands

Published on Jun 9, 2021 at 9:31 am in News.

A new Hawaii-based rideshare company has debuted in five of the state’s islands. Cecil Morton, who has been in the transportation business for 20 years, started Holoholo, which means “let’s go cruising.”

Morton is also the owner of SpeediShuttle. Holoholo was started in an effort to create a local rideshare brand: “Because we’re all about the community as well as welcoming visitors, I want them to love to use a local brand and support the community in the fashion because there is, of course, a movement these days to support local.”

Holoholo is the only Hawaii-based, locally owned rideshare company in the state. While it started looking for drivers back in April, rideshare services officially launched on May 24 on Maui, Lanai, Oahu, Hawaii island, and Kauai. Cecil Morton is the CEO, and Danielle Morton, Cecil’s daughter, is helping to oversee the Maui chapter.

Holoholo operates across the island, including Kapalua, Hana, Upcountry, Kihei, Lahaina, and more. Passengers can also request rides to and from the airports in Kahului and Kapalua. Customers can request rides from their smartphones, view potential costs upfront, and pay online. Holoholo’s goal is to make sure riders have access to reliable and safe transportation.

In regard to safety, Morton had this to say, “Safety is also very important to us. Women as drivers and as riders, we want them to feel comfortable. We’ve built the technology to promote safety, and again, just trying to create an ohana team of drivers that really understand what SpeediShuttle has represented over the years, which is to make it easy to do business with us and to be an exceptional service, sprinkled with ho’okipa.”

Holoholo comes at a time when affordable transportation options are in high demand on Maui as tourists return to the area. While Holoholo is similar to Uber and Lyft, Morton claims the service is less expensive and promotes eco-friendly vehicles.

Locals are taking an interest in the company and are excited about the potential for jobs. According to Corinna Payne, who has been an Uber and Lyft driver for the past three years, “It’s awesome to be able to work for a local business because I feel like I’ll get more support from them as well. Uber and Lyft are so big, you don’t really get to talk to anyone if you have an issue – you’re just a blip on the map of the world. Working for a local company is going to keep the money locally, plus it just makes it safer for everybody because you’ll be actually working with real people.

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