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Home Health Care Agencies Weigh Risks Of Using Rideshare Services

Published on Jun 10, 2020 at 7:24 am in Rideshare Services.

With the aging baby boomer population expected to increase the need for home care services by 50% in the next ten years, home health agencies are looking for new ways to serve their clients. Some service providers are considering helping clients manage their transportation needs through rideshare services.

According to HomeCare, there a number of important questions and risks home care agencies need to consider prior to utilizing companies like Lyft and Uber as part of their service delivery. Currently, the top three risks revolve around patient concerns, the potential for driving and information exposure, and insurance coverage.

In regard to patient concerns, there are questions as to whether elderly patients would be comfortable using mobile apps. Rideshare services are native mobile apps, so users have to know how to use a smartphone and understand mobile alerts. There are also concerns regarding patient comfort and safety. Home care providers will need to determine who is responsible for ensuring a client gets to their destination safely.

Patient information has to be safeguarded, especially when working with third parties. Rideshare partners would need to agree to certain terms in order to maintain HIPPA compliance. For example, Uber Health works with a HIPPA compliance company to conduct risk and compliance assessments for its health transport services. Participating rideshare companies need to be willing to take steps to reduce the possibility of protected information exposures.

In the event of an auto accident while a home care client is using a rideshare service, it’s important for all parties involved to have proper insurance coverage in place. When driver negligence results in an accident, it’s possible the accident victim could take legal measures to hold the driver, rideshare company, and home care provider responsible for their injuries.

Homecare companies looking to utilize rideshare services are trying to take the proper steps to mitigate the risks above. To do that, they are looking into implementing policies for patient transferring, transport training, and general safety.

If your loved one was injured in a rideshare accident and is now dealing with medical bills, you may be able to help them file a claim to recover compensation for their losses. The Rideshare Law Group can evaluate the situation and help you decide if filing a personal injury claim is the right way to go about helping your loved one recover. Contact us today to learn more.