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Rideshare Accident?

Know Your Rights as an Uber Passenger

Published on Aug 30, 2018 at 6:38 pm in Uber Accidents.

There are a variety of benefits to ridesharing services like Uber. Along with providing people convenient and reliable transportation, Uber it typically cost-effective. With every pro, however, there’s a chance for a con. Before confirming your ride, it’s important to understand how Uber works, what they’re striving to provide, and what your rights are as a passenger.

Uber has provided over 5 billion rides in 633 cities all around the world. With numbers like that, there are bound to be occasional issues. They strive to make transportation safer, more accessible, and more affordable. But with news coverage on accidents, assaults, and even deaths related to their services and drivers, it’s important to recognize that there are guidelines and regulations established to provide you with the ride you deserve.

You have the right to a safe ride.

All vehicles authorized to transport passengers for Uber must be at 10 years old or newer, in most cities. These requirements may vary depending on the city you’re in and what kind of Uber vehicle you request. The vehicle must also have four doors, and all Uber authorized vehicles are required to be well-maintained, inspected, and clean.

Never enter an Uber vehicle that is missing a seatbelt or if there are not enough seatbelts for all the passengers. You even have the right to ask your driver to stop and let you out if they start to drive before you’re buckled.

Your driver should abide by all traffic laws for the entirety of your trip. This includes following speed limits, acknowledging traffic signs and lights, and being focused at all times.

In regard to liability coverage in the event of an accident, Uber drivers are required to meet their state minimums for auto insurance and are offered a secondary policy through Uber.

You have the right to a safe driver.

To be considered for Uber, a possible driver must be at least 21 and have at least three years of driving experiences. Their driving record must be clean, and they are required to pass a third-party background check prior to being under contract.

An Uber driver should never, under any circumstance, be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while providing you or any other passenger transportation. If you believe you driver is under the influence, you have the right to exit the vehicle and call law enforcement.

You have the right to your personal space.

In light of recent rideshare assault occurrences, Uber has modified their rider safety policy. While Uber encourages chatting and small talk between drivers and passengers, they discourage commenting on appearance, relationship status, and the like. Drivers are not allowed to touch or flirt with passengers, and vice versa. Sexual conduct is never allowed between riders or drivers.

You have the right to report unsafe drivers. 

If you are in an accident while using an Uber or an Uber driver made you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any way, you have the right to report the incident or behavior to Uber. Their customer support team will follow up with you.

With your passenger rights in mind, you may come to realize you’ve faced a discrepancy after receiving service from Uber. If you were the victim of a rideshare accident, our uber accident lawyers will represent you with your best interests in mind. To learn more, contact our legal team today.