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Lawsuit Against Uber for Passengers Who Were Kicked Out in Illinois

Published on Jan 9, 2019 at 1:23 pm in Rideshare Lawsuits.

In late December 2018, a lawsuit involving people who were injured after an Uber driver made them leave the car in a dangerous area was brought back by an appellate court in Illinois. They decided that the driver could have reasonably foreseen that the couple could have been injured by a speeding car.

The panel was made up of three judges. They decided that the Uber driver Farid Kessanti and other people involved acted negligently when the Uber passengers Sean Kramer and Jasmine Vega were left in a poorly lit area. The area also had bars and likely had people who weren’t sober, and the Uber driver could have seen that a car collision could possibly happen. The panel brought back this claim because of the context where the passengers were left.

Vega and Kramer were leaving a theater in Chicago in October 2014. When Kessanti picked them up, he made a few wrong turns during the trip. When the passengers were questioning if he could drive properly or not, he kicked them out in an area that had a high potential for crime and traffic.

The couple decided to walk home the rest of the way, but were struck by a speeding car at an intersection. The driver kept going, making the accident a hit-and-run. Vega and Kramer were injured and the driver was caught. Vega and Kramer filed a negligence suit against Szczepaniak, the hit-and-run driver, but also named Kessanti and mentioned the issue.

The court also mentioned that there were obvious concerns with the area and why leaving them there would be negligent. Along with issues of drunk drivers, there were also concerns of mugging or assault. Since the passengers were on foot in an area with high traffic and was poorly lit, the driver should have been able to know that leaving the couple there was risking their safety.

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