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What Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Uber?

Published on Feb 27, 2018 at 12:13 pm in Uber Accidents.

Many people are familiar with the popular ridesharing company, Uber, which takes away the stress of not having a car. You simply download the app, request a ride, and a car comes to pick you up and take you to your destination. But when car accidents factor in to the mix, it can get complicated. Uber has faced a number of lawsuits because of car accidents, treatment of employees, and sometimes their hiring processes.

Determining fault and settlements are difficult to do on your own. If you’ve been in a car accident with an Uber car, an Uber accident lawyer from the Rideshare Law Group can help you with your claim and get you a favorable settlement.

What Kind of Lawsuits Does Uber Have?

Uber is no stranger to lawsuits. In January 2018, there was a major class action settlement about the “Safe Rides Fee” and that Uber misrepresented the safety measures, including the Uber driver background checks. While Uber denies wrongdoing, the Court decided against them. Because of this settlement, Uber will have to change their background check process and there’s a settlement fund of $32,500,000 for “Class Members,” or eligible Uber users.

It’s possible to be affected by settlements like this regardless of your action. If you wanted to submit a request for payment, you gave up rights to sue Uber over this settlement. If you wanted to bring a new lawsuit against Uber, you’d have to request to be excluded from this settlement. Then, you’d have to write to the court and explain why you don’t like the settlement or arrange to speak at a hearing. Doing nothing may have resulted in getting automatic payment to your Uber Rider Account while giving up rights to sue Uber.

There are many kinds of disputes that they’re involved in and people from all aspects of Uber—customers, employees—seem to have a position against the company. You may recognize one of the following scenarios.

  • Drivers. Uber has some driver controversy because there isn’t a clear definition of what the drivers are. Some say that Uber classifies them as contractors, but they are treated as employees but don’t get those benefits. There are other instances of upset drivers suing for pay and benefits because the rideshare company stopped in their city.
  • Passengers. There have been some issues with passengers and their accessibility with Uber. Some drivers weren’t letting service animals in their cars. In this class action settlement, the National Federation of the Blind sued Uber and now Uber drivers are required to allow service animals in their cars or risk suspension. People have also brought their car accidents to court. This includes if the person was a passenger or if they were hit by an Uber driver.
  • Local Governments. Uber tried to get into as many cities as possible but rushed past local government regulations of background checks. People worry about who is being hired to drive them and want to implement measures like fingerprinting.

While these settlements seem like a lot of work, don’t let them overwhelm you. The Rideshare Law Group will stand at your side and fight for your rights.