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Lyft Announces Two New Features to Improve Rides for Passengers

Published on Feb 12, 2021 at 9:33 am in News.

In an effort to help people get to vaccine appointments and other essential destinations, Lyft is introducing two new features: Ride for Others and Lyft Family.

Ride for Others allows you to order a trip for one of your friends or family members. As the person paying for the trip, you’ll get a notification when the driver picks up your loved one. You can also track the trip’s progress. According to Lyft, the feature will also reduce any driver confusion that occurred when you ordered a ride for someone in the past. Rides for Others is available throughout the United States.

The second feature, Lyft Family, is currently being piloted in California, Oregon, and Washington state. The feature gives more robust functionality when it comes to family members and sharing rides. You can add up to five other family members to your Lyft account, as well as set a single payment method for everyone to use. It’s important to note that all riders must be over the age of 18.

With Lyft Family, the idea is that anyone with access to an account can use that payment method if they need help paying for a ride. The account holder is the person who has access to all the family’s travel expenses and trip details. The account holder also has the option to request a ride on behalf of their family members.

This announcement comes days after Uber announced its partnership with Walgreens and the goal to improve transportation to vaccination sites in underprivileged communities. It seems that both rideshare giants are looking to improve COVID-19 vaccine availability with these programs and features.

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