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Lyft Expands Services to Help With Pandemic

Published on Mar 24, 2020 at 7:15 am in Rideshare Services.

In an effort to meet demand and boost efforts to deal with the coronavirus, Lyft is expanding the type of services it provides. According to a blog post from Lyft, the company will be offering delivery of critical medical supplies to the elderly and the immunocompromised. In addition to that, they will be delivering meals to students who typically get subsidized lunches through school and senior citizens. They will also be providing medical transportation for low-income individuals. The new services will also ensure healthy drivers have more opportunities to earn income through the Lyft app.

When governments and healthcare organizations are bound by shelter-in-place mandates and self-quarantine recommendations, they can use Lyft’s on-demand network to provide the elderly and other vulnerable populations with life-sustaining medical supplies and Covid-19 test kits. All drop-offs will be contactless to protect drivers and those receiving deliveries.

Students who receive free or subsidized lunches at school and homebound senior citizens who have been affected by shelter-in-place mandates are eligible for free meals through Lyft. The company is working with government agencies and local nonprofits in the Bay Area to have drivers pick up meals from distribution centers and deliver them without directly contacting the people in need. They are working to expand the pilot to the rest of California and the country.

To ensure people can get to important doctor’s appointments, like chemotherapy, dialysis appointments, prenatal care, and more, Lyft is offering non-emergency medical transportation to individuals – especially those with Medicaid who may not be able to afford transportation. Lyft has partnered with eight Medicaid agencies to incorporate their drivers into non-emergency medical transportation programs. They’re also working with other states to ensure eligible patients have access to critical healthcare services.

In addition to those new services, Lyft is also taking steps to alert riders and drivers about key safety and public health updates. They’ve partnered with the National League of Cities to gather important local updates. They then provide this information for users on their app. Updates will be made to ensure the Lyft community is aware of the resources they have access to during this challenging time.

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