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Lyft to Help with Medical Transportation

Published on Oct 9, 2020 at 8:24 am in News.

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Lyft is going to start helping patients get to medical facilities. According to a Forbes article, they’ve paired with Epic, which is an electronic health firm. Many hospitals in the country use Epic for non-emergency transportation. Lyft’s recent partnership with the firm will allow healthcare providers to arrange transportation for a patient via Lyft.

This integration will make it easier for nurses or other staff members to set up rides for patients. In the past, they had to use a different system to order rides. This meant logging into something else and being familiar with a different system. Epic is what brings these actions under one system.

Lyft isn’t the only rideshare company to do this. Uber has also paired with a health record company to assist with non-emergency transportation. The company is called Cerner.

This could be a new venture for rideshare companies as they expand into the health care system. While good for the company, the access they provide for patients will also help provide great relief to those who need transportation and cannot get it.

Sometimes, when transportation isn’t available, patients may need to delay their appointments until they can find a way to get to the health care center. For those who are trying to solve health issues or need access to care, these delays could cost them their health.

Now that Lyft is integrated into the system, more people will be able to get to where they need to go so they can focus on their health.

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On top of multiple parties, this is a new type of partnership for rideshare companies. But this doesn’t mean that justice is out of your reach.

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