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New Regulations for Rideshare Drivers Encourage Rider Safety

Published on Oct 16, 2020 at 7:16 am in News.

A law designed to protect rideshare passengers and prevent them from getting into the wrong car is on its last leg of approval. It will take effect once it is published in the New Jersey state register.

According to the new law, rideshare vehicles like Uber and Lyft have to have a lit or reflecting sign on the front or back of the vehicle with the company name. There should also be a bar or QR code that passengers can scan to verify the identity of the vehicle and placards on the driver and passenger side windows identifying the driver.

The Motor Vehicle Commission approved the new regulations, which are a part of Sami’s Law. Sami’s Law was named for Samantha “Sami” Josephson, a Robbinsville resident and 21-year-old student at the University of South Carolina, who was kidnapped and killed in Columbia, South Carolina in March 2019. According to the police, she believed the driver of the vehicle was with Uber.

New Jersey is the first state to pass legislation that mirrors the federal version of Sami’s Law. In an effort to help drivers comply with the regulations, Uber and Lyft have modified their apps to display the make, model, and license number of the vehicle and name and photo of the driver providing the trip.

Uber and Lyft vehicles from New York that come to New Jersey are exempt from the regulations unless they pick up passengers in New Jersey. If a driver is found not in compliance with the law, they could face a $250 fine. Rideshare companies that do not comply could lose their permit to operate in New Jersey.

With these new regulations in place, it’s hopeful that the instance of passengers getting into incorrect vehicles will decrease; and, as a result, the instances of violence against passengers have the potential to go down.

While laws like Sami’s Law are needed, they don’t ensure rideshare passenger safety. In the event you’ve been involved in an accident or incident involving a rideshare driver, regardless of the company, you may be able to pursue litigation against the driver or company.

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