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New Tesla Rideshare Service Launches in Sacramento

Published on Mar 16, 2020 at 7:55 am in News.

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Go360 is bringing Tesla vehicles and a new rideshare business model to Sacramento. As a subscription service, riders can use four rides per day at approximately $2.50 per ride. The company’s goal is to provide first- and last-mile pooling services to daily commuters.

Currently, the rideshare service is only being offered in downtown and midtown Sacramento, with the intent of helping users make the short connection between home and public transportation. Because they are a subscription service, they are catering to a rider base with a higher daily usage of rideshare services.

According to Go360, 100% of their vehicles are electric and all of their drivers are certified. All drivers are full-time or part-time employees who are trained to keep comfort and safety in mind for their passengers. Cars are equipped with bidirectional dashcams to monitor rides for abnormal activity. They offer efficient pickup and drops off, with a maximum pickup time of five minutes and the average trip lasting less than 15 minutes.

If a rider does not want to use all four rides per day, there is an in-app marketplace that allows them to exchange rides for goods and services. Drivers are encouraged to pool rides to increase vehicle utilization and decrease the overall cost of the service.

In addition to providing rides, the company also offers some riders concierge services. In select apartment complexes and clubhouses, riders have access to grocery and dry-cleaning services. Concierge centers are located in the complexes.

While the company provides ridesharing, they’re also collective massive amounts of data that will be used to improve self-driving cars. There are plans to expand the service area in the future. According to Sravan Puttagunta, a representative of Go360, “There are a lot more cities like Sacramento in the United States than there are in San Francisco, so for us to be economically viable here is a big proof point for our investors who would then invest in our growth.”

Because this is a new company, it has yet to be seen how Go360 will handle traffic accidents. In the event a rider is injured, they may not know where to turn. At the Rideshare Law Group, we handle Uber and Lyft accident cases on a national basis. We strive to ensure all rideshare accident victims receive the compensation they need to recover and get their lives back in order. If you’re injured in a rideshare crash, contact us to learn more about your legal rights and options.