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New Uber Partnership Promotes Driver/Rider Confirmation

Published on Jul 2, 2020 at 7:22 am in Rideshare Safety.

Over a year ago, Samantha Josephson unknowingly got into the wrong Uber car in Columbia, South Carolina. Fourteen hours later, the 21-year-old was found dead in a wooded area 90 miles away. To promote ride safety among college students and reduce the risk of others being harmed, Uber has partnered with The #WHATSMYNAME Foundation.

According to CNET, The #WHATSMYNAME Foundation was created by Josephson’s parents in order to raise awareness and collaborate with Uber to promote safety. The Foundation has already made significant progress in its public education efforts—which includes encouraging riders to ask drivers “what’s my name” before getting into a vehicle. It’s partnered with colleges, businesses, and municipalities all over the United States to create rideshare safety zones, which they refer to as SAMI.

SAMI is an acronym for Stop, Ask, Match, and Inform. Seymour Josephson, a co-founder of The #WHATSMYNAME Foundation, had this to say about the organization and Uber partnership: “Given the unimaginable loss of our daughter, Samantha Josephson, the mission of educating the public on rideshare safety has always started with college students. We are proud to announce this partnership with Uber, an organization that has already demonstrated its commitment to rideshare safety that includes existing alliances with colleges and universities around the world.”

To promote driver and rider confirmation, Uber has implemented a Verify Your Ride featured on its app. Riders are given a four-digit pin they can verbally provide to their driver. The driver has to enter the number into their side of the app to start the trip.

Tracey Breeden, global head of women’s safety at Uber, said this about the new safety partnership: “What happened to Samantha Josephson was an unspeakable tragedy and something that no parent or family should go through. We are honored to partner with the #WHATSMYNAME Foundation and the Josephson family to help continue raising awareness on rideshare safety. Together working alongside colleges and cities, while leveraging education and technology, we can all help create safer communities.”

Over the past few years, hundreds of riders and drivers have come forward with sexual assault claims during rides. As a result, lawsuits have been brought against uber by people who say they were raped, kidnapped, and groped by the company’s drivers. Similar allegations have been made against Lyft.

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