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Portland Rideshare Company Focuses on Women’s Safety

Published on Jun 29, 2020 at 7:35 am in News.

Trenelle Doyle, a woman from Portland, is building a rideshare company for women, by women. The company focuses on providing safe, comfortable rides for women. Doyle hopes to expand the service nationwide.

Go Girl Ride evolved when Doyle, who previously drove for Uber, heard countless stories from female passengers about being harassed or assaulted during rideshare trips. She could relate to those stories because she had been assaulted as a driver.

According to Doyle, Go Girl Ride is a rideshare service for “women, femmes, and non-binary folks,” which prioritizes mental health, physical wellbeing, and family. Go Girl Ride has identified key issues with the way the rideshare industry currently exists, which include women’s safety, unequal pay, and a male-dominated industry.

The company’s goal is to change the narratives around rideshare safety, which means doing more than conducting background checks when it comes to hiring drivers. Doyle plans to conducts interviews and give driving tests to anyone wanting to join the team.

While the company has not officially launched vehicles onto Portland streets, Doyle hopes to do so within the next six months. She also plans to reinvest ten percent of all earned revenue directly back to the local community for whatever city Go Girl Ride operates in.

Organizations in Portland have already shown interest in contract services with Go Girl Ride. The Oregon Ravens, Oregon’s newest women’s football team, says that’s exactly the type of services they’re looking for: “We want all of our players and all of our fans to have a safe way of getting to our events and back home again, and so it just seemed like a natural collaboration. And also strong powerful women supporting other strong powerful women.”

Once the service launches, a woman or non-binary rider can request a solo pickup or shared ride. The app will detect their location and connect them with an available driver nearby. Drivers will also be women or non-binary persons. All payments are processed in-app via card, so there is no need for cash. Riders also have the option of splitting their ride or charging it to a corporate account.

The company is currently raising funds vis an ifundwomen campaign, with a goal of $50,000.

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