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Rideshare Companies Reduce Costs Amid Pandemic

Published on Mar 26, 2020 at 7:33 am in News.

In light of the effects of the spread of COVID-19, rideshare companies Lyft and Myle are reducing the cost of rides. The companies’ decisions not only make rides more accessible to those that need them most right now, but they also ensure healthy drivers are able to make money.

According to QNS, Lyft is donating tens of thousands of rides to people with essential transportation needs. This includes families and children, low-income seniors, doctors, and nurses. Essential transportation includes getting to work, getting food, and going to medical appointments.

Additionally, Lyft’s community outreach program, LyftUp, has partnered with community organizations, nonprofits, local governments, and health entities to figure out how to best serve community members during this difficult time. For example, Lyft has partnered with the National Council on Aging to provide free rides to caregivers within their network to deliver supplies and food to those who are homebound.

In response to Lyft’s decisions, a spokesperson from the company had this to say: “All of us at Lyft feel the weight of responsibility to the community, particularly right now. Lyft drivers are already playing a vital role in connecting people with essential goods and services, but many vulnerable populations still don’t have as much access to these essentials as they should.”

Myle Technologies, which is a new ridesharing platform that launched exclusively in New York City in February 2020, has adjusted its prices in response to the pandemic. Customers now pay 15% less on average than other ridesharing providers. As a result, the company increased its affordability by five percent in this crisis.

According to the CDC, all riders and drivers need to stay home if they feel ill in any capacity. It’s important for those seeking medical attention to discuss transportation options so they can safely arrive at appointments. In addition to that, anyone with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of the coronavirus should refrain from using ridesharing services.

For more information on what’s happening in the rideshare industry, check back here daily. In addition to staying current with all Uber and Lyft news and trends, the Rideshare Law Group is dedicated to helping accident victims recover when negligent drivers cause them harm. Even with the companies’ positive actions during this difficult time, it does not change the fact that rideshare drivers can act negligently behind the wheel and cause injuries to their passengers. Contact us today to learn more if you’ve been injured in a crash.