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Rideshare Driver Fatally Shot in Chicago Carjacking

Published on Mar 25, 2021 at 8:57 am in News.

A rideshare driver was shot and killed on March 24 while trying to fight off a carjacker in Chicago. Police are searching for the shooter, and the family is hoping for justice.

Just after 3:30 am on Tuesday, police responded to a hit and run report at the 3700 block of West Douglas Avenue. When police arrived, they found Javier Ramos, 46, of Franklin Park, with a gunshot wound to the head. Ramos was rushed to Mount Sinai and was pronounced dead around 7:45 am.

Investigators originally thought a fleeing driver hit Ramos, but they now believe he was shot while trying to fight off a carjacker. The suspect managed to steal Ramos’s vehicle following the shooting.

Hortencia Ramos, a cousin, spoke with WGN9 about the Ramos: “An entrepreneur, go-getter, always putting the best foot forward, wanting the best for his daughter, he had a brain aneurysm several years ago and so that second chance at life he truly took it to heart and was all about fitness and health.” In response to the shooting, Hortencia said, “It’s at a point where you’re just not safe anywhere. It’s frustrating; it’s angering to hear that someone just takes someone’s life away in a matter of seconds and doesn’t value life itself. A car, a wallet is more valuable than a human being’s life. More than being angry, I can’t process it.”

Chicago police are still investigating the incident. According to law enforcement, no surveillance video has been found in the area, and no suspects are in custody. If anyone has information, anonymous tips can be filed at

At this time, it’s not clear which rideshare company Ramos was driving for. But, neither Uber nor Lyft has responded to the incident.

This carjacking is just one of many in the Chicago area in the past months. Drivers, surviving family members, and rideshare passengers are looking to the city and the rideshare companies to take action to reduce the number of lives being lost.

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