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Rideshare Drivers in Rapid City Out of Work, Lyft Failed to Renew License

Published on Feb 22, 2021 at 10:47 am in News.

As of February 18, 2021, Lyft drivers in Rapid City, South Dakota have not been able to accept rides inside city limits. This is because Lyft has failed to renew its $1,500 operating license.

According to city officials, they had been in communication with Lyft about the renewal, but the rideshare company seemed to have an account software issues: “They kept indicating they had an upgrade in their accounting software, that they didn’t realize there was an issue, they indicated they had sent payment, but it went to the wrong address we still don’t know where they have sent that, they indicated that they had sent it overnight, we never received anything.”

The city extended the operating license as far as it could past the February 14 expiration date but ultimately had to suspend operations within the city limit. When asked why they don’t extend Lyft services arbitrarily, the city is unsure if Lyft will continue operating or will be making changes to its operating license.

Drivers shared their frustration with KOTA News. Laurie Schlecht, a driver for Lyft and Uber, said, “If we’re not getting ride requests; we’re not driving, we’re not making money, and it really hurts our passengers for being in this predicament because a lot of them require a Lyft ride to get to and from work or to and from the airport or just a safe ride at night.”

At the time of publishing this article, Rapid City was aware of a tracking number from Lyft for a shipment. While the city has not received confirmation as to what the shipment is, officials are assuming it’s payment.

If payment is received and the operating license is renewed, Lyft drivers will be able to commence providing rides within Rapid City. In the event payment is not received, it’s unclear what will happen at this time.

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