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Seemingly Progressive Mailers Endorse Prop 22

Published on Oct 12, 2020 at 7:42 am in News.

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There are political mailers that are supposed to contain progressive views for voters. It includes an endorsement for Prop 22, which is Uber and Lyft’s response for Assembly Bill 5. Prop 22 will keep workers for Uber and Lyft as independent contractors as opposed to employees, but there’s a question of who made and sent these mailers.

Some of the mailers were made by the “Feel the Bern, Progressive Voter Guide,” “Council of Concerned women Voters Guide,” and “Our Voice, Latino Voter Guide.” However, none of these organizations are real. While most mailers usually contain information abut the organization that paid for the mailer, but these weren’t on some of these mailers.

However, these mailers have the same mailing address to the office of Gould and Orellana LLC in Long Beach. While those from SFGATE tried to reach out to them, the phone calls weren’t answered and the voicemail boxes were full so they were unable to leave a message.

While the mailers are in favor of Biden and Harris and also name those running for positions in courts, there are also propositions that are endorsed, Prop 22 being one of them.

If Prop 22 fails, rideshare workers would likely be classified as employees, where they will be able to make minimum wage and will receive benefits like sick leave, workers’ compensation, pay for overtime, and unemployment insurance.

Those who align with the progressive perspective may see the mailer’s endorsement and think that workers receiving some benefits as a good thing, but do not know what could happen if they vote against Prop 22.

It’s difficult to know who was behind the mailers, however it is important to know that major rideshare services and other gig economy companies have spent millions to garner support for Prop 22. They want to pass this proposition at all costs because of what could happen if it doesn’t.

Uber ride prices could increase and they could lose money because of the workers they’d need to pay. Also, Prop 22 passing would also mean that rideshare companies wouldn’t need to make contributions to Social Security, Medicare, or insurance for unemployment. If Uber and Lyft had operated under the rules of Assembly Bill 5 between 2014-2019, they could have paid $413 million in unemployment insurance.

California voters are encouraged to do their research so they can make an informed view on Prop 22. Rideshare Law Group will stay up to date on the proposition’s status and will continue to provide new information as it is released. We also help those who have been harmed in rideshare accidents. If you have any questions about a rideshare accident you were involved in, contact us today.