Injured in a
Rideshare Accident?

Arkansas Rideshare Accident Lawyers

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft offer an alternative to traditional forms of public transportation. Passengers have all kinds of destinations—from work to the doctor’s or for a night out. The majority of rideshare drivers are properly vetted and are safe behind the wheel, but there’s always the chance for an accident. If you’ve been involved in a crash with an Uber or Lyft driver, our Arkansas rideshare accident lawyers are here to help.

While your accident may have happened anywhere throughout the state, the most common service areas include the following:

  • Bentonville
  • Conway
  • Fayetteville
  • Fort Smith
  • Jonesboro
  • Little Rock
  • Pine Bluff
  • Rogers

No matter where or when your accident occurred, we believe you deserve a fair chance at recovery. If you were injured and had to take time off from work to recover, you could be struggling financially. When someone else causes you harm, you have the right to pursue a claim to seek compensation to manage those losses.

The Types of Rideshare Accident Victims

If you’re in the process of pursuing a personal injury claim for an Uber or Lyft, it’s important to understand your legal rights and options. Your status as a victim is one factor that will determine what you’re able to do.

While most victims involved in rideshare accidents are, in fact, Uber or Lyft passengers, that is not always the case. Rideshare crash victims may also be pedestrians or drivers or passengers in other vehicles.

Uber and Lyft passengers are covered by rideshare insurance policies when their driver is transporting them to their destination. In other instances, the driver’s insurance may need to cover any related losses from a collision.

If you’re struck by an Uber or Lyft while walking, you will likely be eligible for compensation if you can prove negligence, but you may only be able to pursue monetary recovery from the driver’s insurance policy. The same goes for other drivers and vehicle passengers.

To determine how best to pursue compensation, it’s important to get in touch with a rideshare accident attorney as soon as possible after your crash.

Reporting an Accident With Uber or Lyft

If you’ve been involved in a wreck with a rideshare driver, it’s important to report the incident to the appropriate parties. First, you will want to notify the police. A responding officer will evaluate the scene, speak with you and the driver and any witnesses, and file an official report. Your lawyer will be able to review that report to help file your claim.

You’ll also want to report the accident to the applicable rideshare company. You can do this through the app, and it’s likely a representative will reach out to you to get more information. If you have to speak to a representative without your lawyer present, you have the option of asking to wait. When you do speak with someone, it’s important only to say what you know to be true. Speculating or placing blame could result in jeopardizing your chances of recovering what you’re owed.

Benefits of Working With a Lawyer in Arkansas

You have the option to pursue a legal claim on your own accord, but doing so will likely jeopardize your compensation. You could fail to assess your injuries and losses accurately, say something that makes the insurance company doubt the severity of your injuries, or fail to file your claim within the proper timeframe.

When you work with an injury attorney from Arkansas, you won’t have to worry about deadlines, saying the wrong thing, or valuing your claim. While you focus on healing, your lawyer will handle building your claim by conducting an investigation, determining fault, and calculating what you’re owed.

At the Rideshare Law Group, we handle all types of Uber and Lyft claims, and we’re prepared to take yours on next—no matter the circumstances or complexities. We understand the hesitancy that sometimes comes with pursuing a claim against a corporation, but we will be by your side the entire time.

The Rideshare Law Group Can Help

If you’ve been involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, you may be eligible to recover compensation for any related expenses. Our Arkansas rideshare accident lawyers understand how challenging it can be to recover from physical injuries when you’re worried about medical bills and lost wages. When you work with the Rideshare Law Group, you’ll have the legal support you need so you can focus on healing while we look into getting you a full and fair monetary award for your losses.

The sooner you get in touch with our law firm, the better your chances are of recovering maximum compensation. If you have questions about the process or you think you’re ready to get started with a claim, schedule a free case evaluation with us today.