Injured in a
Rideshare Accident?

Indiana Rideshare Accident Lawyers

If you live in the more populated areas of Indiana, you may rely on rideshare services like Uber and Lyft to get to work, appointments, or events. While most rides start and end as they should, that’s not always the case. When a rideshare driver acts negligently behind the wheel, there’s a chance an accident could occur. If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a crash, the Indiana rideshare accident lawyers from the Rideshare Law Group can help.

Uber and Lyft services can be found throughout Indiana. Some of the busiest cities for rideshare services include the following:

  • Carmel
  • Bloomington
  • Evansville
  • Fort Wayne
  • Gary
  • Indianapolis
  • Jeffersonville
  • Lafayette
  • Lowell
  • Muncie
  • South Bend
  • Terre Haute

Regardless of whether your accident happened in one of those cities, you deserve the best chance at recovery. In order to get started with a claim, you need to understand at what stage of the rideshare service your accident took place.

Understanding the Stages of Rideshare Service

According to insurance providers, there are three phases of ridesharing. The first phase is when the app is on, but a ride has yet to be ordered. If you’re struck by an Uber or Lyft or get into an accident while you’re driving, it’s likely the rideshare driver’s insurance policy will be what you go after to get compensation for any related losses.

The second stage is when the driver has accepted the trip and is en route to a passenger. In most instances, the driver’s personal auto policy will be used in the event of an accident, but your lawyer will be able to determine if a different situation applies.

Finally, the third phase is when a passenger has been picked up, and the driver is on their way to the drop-off destination. During this stage of a trip, the rideshare company’s insurance policy can apply in the event of an accident. Both Uber and Lyft have $1 million coverage policies in place, but it’s not always easy to convince the insurance company that you’re owed compensation. When you work with our attorneys, however, we can build a strong case on your behalf.

Common Injuries After Auto Accidents

With any car accident, some injuries are more common because of the nature of the force of impact on the body. For example, rear-end crashes are more likely to result in whiplash because of how the people in the car are thrown forward and backward. Depending on the severity of the collision, you could be looking at injuries that could take weeks or months to heal.

Broken bones, lacerations, contusions, and head injuries are the most common after a crash. A doctor will be able to determine the degree of medical intervention that’s needed to ensure maximum medical improvement. In the event of a serious crash that results in a spinal cord injury or burns, for example, the victim could be looking at an extensive hospital stay and intensive rehabilitation.

The injuries that result from a rideshare accident can result in significant medical bills and lost wages. When you work with our Uber & Lyft accident lawyers, we’ll calculate the damages you’ve incurred—including the past, current, and future medical bills, as well as the income you’ve lost from taking time off of work. In the event you are unable to return to the previous position you held, we can look into obtaining compensation for diminished earning capacity.

Tips for Uber and Lyft Accident Victims

The aftermath of a rideshare accident can be a lot to handle. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get your life back in order faster.

  • Seek Medical Attention. As we discussed, auto accidents can result in serious injuries. Even if you feel okay after a crash, you could have injuries you’re unaware of. Not only will you be aware of your injuries, but they will also be documented.
  • Document What Happened. As soon as possible after the crash, it’s important to record what you remember happening. Only write down what you remember as factual, as guessing could lead to problems when you go to take legal action.
  • Refrain From Using Social Media. While you may want to inform your family members and friends that you’re okay after an accident, using social media could jeopardize your ability to recover full and fair compensation.
  • Only Return to Work When Approved. If you return to work without your doctor’s approval, the insurance company could claim that your injuries are not as bad as you say. Make sure your doctor gives you the go-ahead to return to your place of employment.
  • Speak With an Attorney. While you have the ability to file a claim on your own, you’re more likely to succeed with a lawyer by your side. Not only are we well aware of the laws that have the potential to impact your claim, but we are also well-versed in building strong cases on behalf of our clients.

Contact the Rideshare Law Group

Rideshare accident victims deserve the best chance at recovery. If you’ve been injured and believe an Uber or Lyft driver is to blame, the Indiana rideshare accident lawyers from the Rideshare Law Group are here to help.

No matter where your crash occurred in Indiana, we can investigate what happened, determine who to hold accountable and calculate what you’re fairly owed. While it’s possible your claim could settle through negotiations, we will help you take your case to court in the event settlement is not an option.

The sooner you get in touch with our law firm after the accident, the better your chances are of making a full recovery. Contact us today to learn more.