Injured in a
Rideshare Accident?

Tennessee Rideshare Accident Lawyers

Modern rideshare services, like Uber and Lyft, have been available across the United States for over a decade. Tennessee residents and visitors alike use rideshare companies to get around time, go to work, and have a safe night out. Unfortunately, not every ride ends as it should. If you’ve been injured in a crash, you need help from our Tennessee rideshare accident lawyers.

Our attorneys represent accident victims nationwide, and we’re prepared to take your case next. The rideshare service you were using at the time of your crash can impact your claim. Before we discuss what you should do after an Uber or Lyft accident, let’s take a look at the rideshare services Tennessee has to offer.

Which Rideshare Services are Available in Tennessee?

Rideshare services are available all around Tennessee. The most popular cities for such services include Chattanooga, Clarksville, Cookeville, Dyersburg, Germantown, Jackson, Johnson City, Kingsport, Knoxville, McMinnville, Memphis, Nashville, and Union City. While Uber and Lyft are the most popular rideshare services, all of your options in Tennessee include the following:

  • Carmel. Carmel allows you to order a Sedan, Minivan, Stretch Limousine, USV, or a USV super-stretch limo.
  • Curb. You can hail a traditional taxi through the Curb app. The company was formerly known as TaxiMagic.
  • This company offers luxury vehicles and limousines for one to 50 people.
  • Lyft. In Tennessee, Lyft Lux Black, Lux Black XL, XL, and Lux are available from Lyft. Vehicles sit between four and six vehicles, depending on which one you order.
  • Talixo. Talixo has vehicle options for economy, business, or luxury class, which offer space for up to seven passengers.
  • Taxi. Traditional taxis can be hailed or called directly for pickup.
  • Uber. Uber Black, Green, X, and XL are available in Tennessee. All vehicles fit four people, with the exception of XL vehicles, which hold six.

No matter which service you were using at the time of your accident, we’re here to help you recover as much compensation as possible for your losses.

What Should Uber/Lyft Accident Victims Do After an Accident?

The moments following a collision can seem to happen in slow motion. As the adrenaline courses through your body and your brain processes what just happened, you may not be fully aware of your surroundings or any physical injuries you’ve sustained. Because of that, it’s important to wait at the scene for emergency responders to arrive. Not only will you need to speak with the police, but you’ll want to make sure you get seen by medical professionals.

Not all injuries are as painful as you would expect. Even if you’re not experiencing any pain, you could have underlying, invisible injuries. That’s why it’s crucial to go to the emergency room after a crash. At the very least, make a next-day appointment with your doctor for a checkup. The sooner you’re seen, the better. Not only will you have an accurate idea of what you need to do to recover, but your medical records can be used to determine part of your economic damages.

Once you’ve been examined, diagnosed, and treated, remember to follow through with the doctor’s treatment plan. If you fail to do so, you could jeopardize your claim. Once you’re able, get in touch with our rideshare attorneys. We’ll evaluate what you’ve been through and explain your legal rights and options.

How Long Do Rideshare Accident Victims Have to File a Claim?

Injury claims are subject to statutes of limitations, which are essentially time frames the victims have to take legal action. These vary by state and by claim type. It’s crucial to understand just how much time you have so you don’t jeopardize your claim.

In Tennessee, you will most likely only have one year from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. If you fail to do so within the time limit, you will not only render yourself ineligible for compensation, but you will also be unable to hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries.

When you work with an attorney, you won’t have to worry about deadlines. Instead, you can focus on healing and moving forward while your legal team handles the paperwork and deadlines.

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Car accident injuries can affect your life for weeks, months, or even longer, depending on the type and severity of your injuries. If you believe a Lyft or Uber driver was negligent behind the wheel and ultimately caused your injuries, our attorneys are here to help. The Tennessee rideshare accident lawyers from the Rideshare Law Group are well-versed in rideshare accidents and related laws, so we can explain what your best options are.

The sooner you get in touch with our firm, the better your chances will be of pursuing a successful claim. To get started, contact us today.