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Uber and Police Cruiser Involved in Crash in Cape Cod

Published on Jul 9, 2020 at 7:54 am in Uber Accidents.

At least four people were sent to the hospital after a crash in Cape Cod happened on Sunday, July 5. The crash happened around 1:00 a.m. and involved an Uber vehicle and a police cruiser.

The crash happened at the intersection of Harbor Road and Route 28. Video evidence from the scene showed the badly-damaged front-end of the Harwich Police Department SUV. Following the wreck, a portion of Route 28 was closed for approximately two hours. First responders from Chatham, Dennis, and Brewster arrived at the scene to provide assistance and ensure injuries were tended to.

According to the police department, “Preliminary investigation shows that the police cruiser was traveling along Route 28 when the Uber driver turned onto Route 28 from Harbor Road and into the path of the police cruiser.”

At the time of the crash, three 21-year-old men were in the Uber. Those three individuals and the police officer were taken to Cape Cod Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. While officials said the officer was treated and released, no further information was released regarding the conditions of the three men.

The crash is still being investigated by Brewster Police to determine cause and fault. At this time, Uber has not released any official statements regarding the driver or the accident.

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