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Uber Driver Attack in NYC Results in Loss of Vision

Published on Sep 30, 2021 at 8:31 am in News.


A man who was driving for Uber was a victim of a violent attack in New York City last month. The driver, Han Quiping, is at risk of losing his sight after the attack from a man attempting to get a ride. The attack was captured on dash-camera footage.

The man ran toward Quiping’s car, essentially treating the Uber car like a cab. Since he wasn’t using the app and following how Uber ridesharing works, Quiping did not allow the man to access the vehicle.

His window was open and the man attacked him through the window. The attacker used his cell phone as a weapon to hit Quiping in the eye. The dashcam recorded the incident and the phone can be seen in his hand.

It’s been nearly a month since the attack and Quiping still has bandages covering his eye. It is unclear if he will regain sight in that eye. His wife commented that doctors said that after three months, he may be able to see a bit.

Unfortunately, rideshare driver attacks are often unreported, but they do happen with surprising frequency. People will approach drivers while they’re in the road, around other vehicles. This can happen when they’re waiting for a light to change or waiting at a stop sign. The crimes range from people trying to steal their cars to attempted murders.

There was a past rideshare driver death that occurred because of a shooting incident. However, drivers have little protection with them while they’re on the job.

While Uber did release a statement about wishing Quiping a quick recovery, it’s unclear if they will provide financial aid to him and his family. Quiping is unable to drive and use the income to support his family at this time. The only reason this incident was captured was because Quiping bought and installed a dashcam himself. Rideshare companies are not installing camera themselves, which could greatly improve driver safety.

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