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Uber Driver Cited for Speeding With Passenger in the Car

Published on Jul 12, 2021 at 8:05 am in News.

An Uber driver in Lakewood, Colorado has been cited for speeding after local police clocked him traveling 102 mph. There was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the citing. The driver is due in court next month.

The driver, Ousmane Sylla, 38, was pulled over on the morning of July 7, 2021, on 6th Avenue near Colorado Mills. The officer who pulled Sylla over was riding a motorcycle.

Lakewood Police spokesperson John Romero told Fox 31 News about the incident: “As our agent approached, they saw a ride-share sticker on the back, and sure enough, it was someone driving for a ride-share company. With a passenger in the back nonetheless, going 102 miles an hour. We’ll handle it on our end. We gave a citation. The courts will handle it on their end. Whatever the company decides to do, that’s on them.”

According to Romero, Sylla was cited for traveling 37 miles per hour over the speed limit, which is a six-point offense in Colorado. At the time the officer pulled him over, Sylla was also unable to provide proof of insurance—a four-point violation.

While Uber was notified of the incident, it’s unclear if they have taken action against the driver. However, an Uber spokesperson told the news station, “We launched an investigation as soon as we became aware of the incident and will take appropriate action. Uber takes road safety seriously, and drivers who sign up to use the platform to drive agree to abide by our community guidelines, which requires them to follow all local and state traffic rules.”

Advocates for street safety in the Denver area are concerned about this particular incident, as more than 200 people have died in fatal traffic accidents in Colorado just this year. Jill Locantore, who’s with Denver Streets Partnership, said, “We have become disconnected from that potential tragedy that can result from our behaviors when we’re choosing to drive about the speed limit.”

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