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Uber Driver Drove Perpendicular to Traffic, Leading to Serious Accident

Published on Apr 12, 2018 at 4:30 pm in Uber Accidents.

In August 2017, an Illinois woman filed suit against Uber in state court in New Jersey, claiming that a negligent driver caused a significant traffic accident last year. According to the woman, an Uber driver was driving perpendicular to traffic when they “suddenly and inexplicably veered through four lanes of traffic”. The driver then collided into the woman, who was en route to the New York City marathon. She was knocked unconscious and sustained a serious knee injury.

The Illinois woman is now suing for negligence, fraud, and other allegations. This is just one of the many similar cases filed against Uber in recent years. Many of the cases make related claims that Uber’s safety and training procedures are woefully inadequate and can result in this type of unsafe behavior by drivers.

Part of the issue, of course, is the fact that Uber and Lyft drivers are technically independent drivers and are not actually trained by the companies they work through. While drivers are required to have a current license and a relatively clear driving record, they are not trained separately by any representative from the company.

Drivers are, however, required to keep a 5-star rating to keep working for Uber or Lyft. This means that ultimately, it’s sometimes up to passengers to take the appropriate actions if they feel that a driver is driving unsafely or making reckless decisions.

Never be afraid to make a comment about speed or car handling when you’re riding in a rideshare vehicle. If you know that a safer route is available, for example, don’t be afraid to speak up and suggest the driver take that route instead. If they do not listen to you, you have every right to ask for another driver instead. Also, do not be afraid to give your driver a lower rating if you feel they didn’t listen to you, prioritize your safety, or handled the car in a reckless manner.

If you or someone you love was involved in an Uber accident that resulted in injury, do not hesitate to give Rideshare Law Group a call today. Our Uber accident lawyers can help you navigate a complex rideshare accident claim and get you the compensation you need to recover.