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Uber Drivers Not Considered Self-Employed by Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Published on Aug 3, 2020 at 2:44 pm in News.

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Uber drivers need to know about an important decision the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made if they’re filing for unemployment. Uber drivers in the state are no longer regarded as self-employed workers.

This decision was the result of a lawsuit from 2015. After Donald Lowman lost his job, he filed for unemployment, and became an Uber driver. Lowman reported what he made as an Uber driver to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. The department then informed him that they were disqualifying him from unemployment because they now regarded him as self-employed.

Lowman fought this all the way to the Supreme Court. They ruled in his favor. Lowman’s attorney explained that as an Uber driver, he wasn’t free from control and direction by Uber. He was also not engaged in an independently established business.

This case may set precedent for other companies like Lyft or Instacart. While the control from these companies may not look like a typical 9-5 office, there are certain elements the company does control: communication, reviews, and pay structure. The only difference is this type of control was exhibited virtually.

While the case is from 2015, those who are currently affected from the pandemic may consider working for a company like Uber. If they’re unable to go to their regular job and are waiting for unemployment benefits, they could be looking for other options to help keep ahead of their finances.

It is important to note that Lowman’s attorney told those who are getting aid and benefits from Pandemic Assistance to stay put.

While the total effects of this ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling isn’t known yet, it’s important for those who work in the “gig economy” to stay up to date about what their job is considered and how they can get the benefits they need for situations like the pandemic. Many companies like Uber and Lyft consider those working for them to be independent contractors, which could make it difficult in situations like filing for unemployment or in case an accident occurs.

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