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Uber Drivers Prepare for Revival of Rideshare Demand

Published on May 27, 2020 at 7:41 am in News.

As businesses across the country begin to reopen as COVID-19 cases decline, rideshare drivers are preparing for an increase in ride requests and passengers. It’s likely that drivers and passengers will have to deal with the impact of the pandemic for quite some time.

Currently, Uber and Lyft drivers who are still providing services to passengers are dealing with a significant decline in demand. According to Kyilin Wu in San Francisco in an interview with ABC7, “I started out at 8 a.m. and only got two passengers. Business is really slow right now.” Drivers in Wichita, Kansas are facing the same problems, as a report released by the Wichita Eisenhower National Airport said April traffic decreased 95% compared to April 2020.

In places like Wichita, rideshare drivers are predicting passengers will experience longer wait times when ordering a ride. This has to do with the number of drivers no longer on the road. For those still operating, they’re not always as close to ride requests as they once were.

Some drivers believe the rideshare industry will not recover anytime soon from the impacts of the pandemic. Overall, the three most profitable sectors for drivers, including morning and evening commuters, are no longer accessing services as often. It’s likely, however, that demand will increase as time passes and more states open back up.

Regardless of ridership, rideshare companies have implanted guidelines and requirements for drivers and riders in an effort to keep both parties safe. Some of the requirements include wearing masks and regularly disinfecting vehicles.

While the continued precautions companies like Uber and Lyft are taking have the potential to continue to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, drivers will need to comply with those precautions and orders. If they do not, they are unnecessarily and intentionally putting their passengers at risk.

If you have questions about a rideshare driver’s behavior, report the incident to the rideshare company. If they are found negligent, they should be suspended or removed from the platform. If their negligence or actions caused you harm, you’ll benefit from seeking legal guidance from the Rideshare Law Group.

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