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Uber Looks to Simplify Airport Trips

Published on Oct 7, 2021 at 7:58 am in News.

Traveling to the airport before a long trip can be a stressful situation. You need to get there with enough time to check bags, pass through security, and get to your gate. Feeling rushed on a travel day can result in forgetting something important. Securing your transport to the airport and having a dependable schedule to plan around can ease some of this stress. That’s what Uber is planning to do with Uber Reserve.

There are a few new features that Uber will implement to make airport travel easier. One of them is booking a ride with plenty of time in advance. In some cities, a user can schedule there ride up to a month before it’s supposed to occur.

Another feature will be sending a driver flight information so the driver can follow the flight’s progress. If there are any delays or if it’s early, the driver will know. Curbside pickups are traditionally tricky because everyone is trying to arrive and leave the airport, but Uber is using machine learning to make this process easier, too.

This is occurring in the wake of the pandemic vaccine. More people are feeling more comfortable with travel and airports are getting back to the regular busy and fast-paced schedules. Uber, which had its own difficulties regarding lower demand and driver safety during the height of the pandemic, is using this as an opportunity to improve this aspect of travel.

While many may associate Uber with immediacy, especially when it comes to leaving an airport, one interesting feature they’re adding is complimentary wait time. The driver will wait up to an hour after the plane lands for riders to get to their vehicle. This gives people time to get their bags, perhaps stretch their legs, or get a bite to eat before traveling in a car. While this may not add an extra charge for the user, the drivers will receive compensation for this. Currently, Uber Reserve can only be used by Uber Black and Uber Black SUV customers, and is available mainly at major airports.

Many of these early booking features were technically plausible in the past, but Uber was more focused on providing ride services as they were needed. This way, drivers weren’t waiting for a scheduled ride for two hours and were picking up and dropping off users as they booked rides.

But what about the non-planners, who don’t want to be locked into a travel plan a month in advance? They can use the Ready When You Are feature, which allows users to request a ride when they land. Users choose the time to be picked up, which can be 20 minutes out, immediately—whatever the user needs.

While Uber is implementing new ways for users to hail rides, accidents can still occur. If you’ve been in a crash, an Uber accident lawyer from Rideshare Law Group can help. Reach out to us today.