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Uber Removes Sexual Assault Arbitration Clause

Published on May 23, 2018 at 4:02 pm in News.

The popular rideshare company Uber is changing its terms of service when it comes to dealing with issues of sexual assault. In the past, there was a clause that stated passengers who claim their drivers sexually assaulted them need to resolve the matter through arbitration. This method keeps the matter quiet and takes away the chance to have a trial by jury.

However, after CNN released an investigation that revealed Uber has 103 drivers who had been accused of sexually assaulting passengers, the cases can be brought to arbitration, meditation, or open court.

Uber’s aim is to give the survivors their voice and control back by bringing those who assaulted them to justice. They’re aiming to be more transparent about the issue and are trying to make their company safer for everyone.

Uber Policy Changes

Uber isn’t the only rideshare company that had the arbitration rule in their terms of service. Other companies like Lyft also include that rule, and that company has its share of sexual assault allegations as well.

But Uber’s change in policy is moving the company forward in a way that gives survivors more control of their case. The change in the arbitration rule isn’t the only change Uber is making. First, the company used to require confidentiality in settlements. That will no longer be the case. The other change involves a “safety transparency report.” This report will show the numbers of sexual assaults and other incidents. It’s an effort to organize and classify sexual harassment and assault cases. Survivors in the past have brought up Uber’s lack of transparency, so the company is doing all it can to rectify that.

31 drivers have been convicted of crimes including harassment, imprisonment, and rape. There are other cases pending results. The reports show that survivors were kidnapped and raped while they were trapped in the car. Drivers could use electronic locks so they couldn’t escape.

In the past, it was found that some drivers were registered sex offenders. This called into question Uber’s hiring process and how they conduct background checks. There’s an ever-growing demand for drivers, so Uber’s hiring process is quick. They could skip steps that would show the driver’s status as a registered sex offender.

With these policy changes and more transparency, it’s probable that the amount of reports of sexual assault could increase because there’s a focus on it. People are trying to bring these matters to the public and to make sure they’re not kept quiet. The option to choose different methods other than arbitration allows for more public discourse and could possibly inspire more safety methods for Uber passengers.

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