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Uber Testing Cell-Phone Ride-Hailing Service in Arizona

Published on Feb 14, 2020 at 8:00 am in Rideshare Services.

While Uber has always operated through their app, they’ve rolled out a new toll-free number in Arizona that people can use to book a car without needing a smartphone.

According to a news article from CNN, passengers looking for a ride can call 1-833-USE-UBER. There, they’ll reach an Uber contractor who will book a ride for them through the app. Customers can book a number of options, including Uber X, Uber Black, and Uber Comfort. The passenger will receive a price quote, driver details, expected arrival time, and receipts via text message.

It’s estimated that less than 20 percent of Americans do not own a smartphone. Uber phone service is intended for those people, especially the elderly – the group most likely not to own a smartphone or other device.

In regard to the service, the company had this to say: “It was designed with older adults in mind, though our hope is anyone preferring conversational support will benefit from this pilot. We built it based on feedback from older adults who told us the live conversation and simplicity of experience can make a difference for their transportation needs.” The company also stresses that this line is not meant for general customer support. For customer support, passengers have the option of using their app and selecting “Call Support” or accessing the line at 0-808-169-7335.

Uber rolled this service out in Arizona because of the growing elderly population in the area. This is not the first time Arizona has been used as testing grounds for new Uber services, as the self-driving car program was also initiated there. There are plans to expand the calling services to other states in the coming months.

While this is the first time this service has been offered in the United States, Uber has been testing the phone-based service in areas where smartphone usage isn’t as widespread. For the past two years, a similar service has been tested in Mexico, Ukraine, India, and Egypt.

It’s likely this service will benefit those looking for a live conversation ride-hailing option, but there’s always the potential for negligent drivers and others to abuse the system. If you feel you’ve suffered harm or losses as a result of a rideshare driver, legal action may be available to you. The Rideshare Law Group represents accident victims on a national basis. We’ll review your case today. Contact us for more information.