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Uber Works Launches in Dallas

Published on Mar 12, 2020 at 8:31 am in News.

Uber’s new app, Uber Works, launched in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The goal of the app is to connect workers with nearby businesses and expedite the onboarding and payment processes. The app focuses on general labor opportunities and intro-level jobs that don’t require up-front training.

Uber Works is a platform that connects workers with businesses of all sizes. Popular industries include event support, warehouse work, and customer service. Prior to being available in Dallas, the app was only featured in Chicago and Miami. According to The Dallas Morning News, hundreds of workers have completed thousands of shifts using the platform in Chicago since October.

Workers who use the app will not be employees of Uber. Instead, the company has established relationships with staffing agencies, like TrueBlue, to handle the employment, payments, and benefits of Uber Work users. The app is free to use, but workers must follow a certain set of rules. They must be on time and show up to work. If not, accounts can be deactivated.

Like Uber’s rideshare app, Uber Works is two-pronged. It features a worker-facing app and one dedicated to the businesses providing shifts. To be eligible for jobs, potential workers have to upload employment materials to the app and undergo a background check. The process typically takes 24 to 48 hours. Once a worker is accepted, they can browse shifts at companies nearby. Businesses provide information regarding hours, directions, tasks, and expectations. As with Uber’s rideshare app, hourly rates will be subject to surge pricing if a shift is difficult to fill.

In the past, Uber has been criticized for how they’ve treated their drivers and how passenger issues have been handled. There is the potential for problems with Uber works because of the complexities of temporary staffing.

As Uber Technologies continues to expand the industries it’s in, there are questions as to whether or not the rideshare sector will suffer. The Rideshare Law Group stays up-to-date on all news relating to companies like Uber and Lyft to see how the rideshare industry could be impacted and what it could mean for our clients.

When focus is put on implementation and expansion, there a chance more negligent drivers could driver for Uber without the company realizing it. When negligent rideshare drivers cause accidents and passengers are hurt, the victims should have the opportunity to seek recovery. To learn more about taking legal action, contact our firm today.