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What You May Not Know About Uber Drivers

Published on Feb 27, 2019 at 1:41 pm in Uber Accidents.

People often look to rideshare companies like Uber to help get them to their destinations. It works well for people if they’re in a new place and don’t know the way around. This is also a great option for people who don’t want to worry about driving and parking their car.

Uber drivers are considered independent contractors and are not legally considered employees of the company. They’re also not required to undergo any special training. In fact, it’s easier to get hired as an Uber driver than most other driving jobs in the U.S. Here are some additional facts and information you may not know about Uber drivers:

What Are Uber Driver and Vehicle Requirements?

Many people may wonder about the qualifications people need to meet to work for Uber. Uber drivers have to have specific driving requirements to be a valid candidate for the rideshare company. According to Uber, they must:

  • Be the minimum driving age for their city
  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Have one year of driving experience in the U.S.
  • Have three years of driving experience in the U.S. if the driver is under 23 years of age
  • Have proof of residency and vehicle insurance
  • Complete an online driver screening that looks at their driving record and criminal history

Vehicles also need to meet certain qualifications to be eligible Uber rides.

  • Need to be a four-door vehicle
  • Need to be able to carry 4 passengers
  • Can’t be a rental unless it’s from an approved Uber lender
  • Can’t have any damages
  • Vehicle must have all pieces
  • The car cannot be a model that’s older than 15 years

Do Uber Drivers Reduce Drunk Driving Accidents?

Using Uber is said to have many benefits, such as reducing the amount of drunk-driving related crashes. It seems to make sense. When people go out and they know they can simply get an Uber to take them home, they don’t have to be put in the position of deciding to drive drunk. With less inebriated people behind the wheel, overall drunk driving accidents should be reduced.

However, there isn’t enough data to support this yet. In a study that followed ridesharing a motor vehicle crashes in Las Vegas, Nevada; Portland, Oregon; Reno, Nevada; and San Antonio, Texas, researchers hypothesized that places that had Uber would also have fewer alcohol-related crashes. The results they found only partially supported their hypothesis. While Portland showed that Uber’s resumption was associated with a 61.8 percent reduction in accidents involving alcohol. But they also said that there wasn’t any related change in all crashes. Rideshare companies and the amount of car accidents that involve alcohol may be specific to the area that they’re in and many factors can affect the data.

While it may help out with drunk-driving related crashes in the future, it doesn’t take into account that Uber drivers can make mistakes, too. Uber drivers can still be involved with accidents. There are several kinds of car crashes that can occur with an Uber.

  • The Uber driver is at fault. In cases where the Uber driver is at fault, they can hit your vehicle, or they can cause a collision while you’re a passenger in the car. While the situations are different, if the Uber driver was acting negligently, then they were the reason the accident happened and why you were injured.
  • The Uber driver isn’t at fault. A car may collide with an Uber and set off a chain reaction that hits your car as well, or this same situation may happen but you’re a passenger in the car.

It’s important to remember that Uber drivers are people and accidents do happen. Just because you’re in an Uber, doesn’t mean that you are automatically safe from accidents.

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