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Wheels Restarts Seated Electric Scooter Sharing

Published on Jun 12, 2020 at 7:44 am in Uncategorized.

Wheels, which shut down at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, is now restarting its shared electric scooter service. As the company reopens, it plans to promote itself as a safer alternative form of transportation from cities still impacted by the pandemic.

The company plans to reopen in Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas Austin, and Orlando, with additional expansions to new locations soon. Wheels has spent the company’s downtime by working to maintain a safe operating environment on its seated electric scooters.

In a partnership with NanoSeptic, Wheels has installed self-cleaning surfaces on its handlebar grips to reduce the spread of the virus. The NanoSeptic surface contains mineral nanocrystals that use the energy from visible light to break down organic contaminants at the microscopic level.

In addition to that change, the company is also equipping its electric scooters with baskets. Unlike standing electric scooters, seated scooters have a lower center of gravity. This means that it’s safer to carry cargo or other loads. By adding the baskets, the company hopes their scooters can become a utility-style alternative transportation option for commuters and city dwellers. So, instead of taking a crowded bus to the market, some shoppers could use a Wheels scooter and carry their groceries home in the basket.

In an interview with Electrek, Wheels said, “We are starting to add baskets to the front of our devices so that riders will be able to use Wheels, rather than a car, to shop, pick up essential items, or do errands, and to do so without having to carry those items while riding. […] Micromobility becomes much more practical if it can be used for shopping, picking up essential items, or doing errands, rather than simply transporting a person. It is also safer if riders do not have to carry their items while riding. By incorporating baskets, Wheels is making that possible.”

As COVID-19 restrictions ease around the country, it’s likely we will see an increased use of e-scooters. While the transportation benefits are evident, it’s important to remember that, like any other vehicle, the scooters have the potential to be dangerous.

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